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My dad once said to me that "Teens of Denial is really good." So I made this because my internet cut out and I couldn't open Spotify. It's probably as good, but I haven't listened to it yet.


released August 25, 2016

[Eagle Noise] is

Casey Simonson

Produced by Danny Gumm
Artwork by Ryan Somelofske

Recorded at Meadowlark Studios (Which is actually my parent's basement)
Mastered at Get Me Out Of Here Inc. (Which is actually Dan's bedroom)


"Holy shit. This EP is ssoooo good. Like, I'm blown away." - Eddie Caughey
"Yo dude, 4 real, this EP is great... The mix is so fire" - Chris Plunkett
"It's probably better than Parquet Courts" - Teen Suicide (About their own record, not this one, but maybe it's also about this one)
"Seriously, I haven't listened to it yet" - Casey Simonson

Special Thanks:
My parents, you know who are
The Adios Mio Collective
Chris Plunkett
Kanye West
You, for listening to this music that I made in my parent's basement. Much love

R.I.P. David Bowie



all rights reserved


[Eagle Noise] Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Coping With Death, Like
Everybody here's got reasons
They would jump to commit treason
I've been trying my hardest, listening to reason
But my philosophy's just not in this season

Everyone's acting like the super bowl
I've been trying my hardest just to take control
I've been taking pills, I've been on a roll
Feeling empty in my soul

Reading internet philosophies
Hoping I can see a change in me
Took in enough bullshit till it covered my teeth
But I brushed it away I felt incomplete

I've been coping with death, like, no one's gonna love you till you die.
Track Name: Soul Sellin'
I sold my soul for 96 cents
It was the only offer I could get for it
Made a donation to my friends so he could
Buy a pack of nicotine free cigarettes
He said "Oh it helps it me think,
So come think with me"
But that's the last thing that I need.

Sold my soul in hopes everything would make a little less sense
Cause my logic has been useless
Tucked my brain into a place I hope it remains
Cause I'm saying I don't really wanna do this
Oh, make me a servant of the underworld
Make me torment all the boys and all the girls
Who were taught you can be what you wanna be
That all is exactly as it seems
and If you smile wide enough,
You're living the American dream.

I'm not gonna be the bearer of bad news
Just when you were beginning to win it
You find that you were set up to lose
If you think that you've got nothing to prove

Depression settles in again it's a constant conversation
With the many facets of my psyche
All bored without stimulation
If I told you that I sold my soul
Would you believe I ever had control of it.
Cause my body's just a sinking ship

I've grown bored of postcards with little substance
Leaving me to resent my privileged friends
And create my own assumptions
Ain't if funny how the blind has never truly lead the blind?
They just find all the weak spots and capitalize

Oh it's easy to question, so easy to question
But it's harder to listen, much harder to get it
Track Name: Dan You're Playing 2 Loud
Dan you're playing too loud

Dude we can all hear you
What are you trying to prove
The volume knob is not an excuse
for the decades of neglect and abuse

Dan you're playing too loud
I can't hear what I'm saying right now
The neighbors are asking us to quiet down
But it's clear that you've forgotten how

I've seen pride I get it, you make up what you miss
I've seen the future and i know how hard it gets to exist

But Dan, you're playing too loud
The noise won't tear you from the shroud
of dangerous dust that you used to trust
Before you ever tried to figure it out

So Dan I can play one more show
Before I gotta hit the road
Just keep looking to the future, you can make it come sooner
Please just keep your noise under control
Track Name: Qualified For Nothing
I wasn't raised to be the asshole that I am
Something happened along the way to fuck it up
Called up Jesus said "Hey, when you coming back?"
Well not today, but maybe this time next month

Where's my lawyer, I've been freaking out again,
Where's my doctor or my pills or any of my friends
Pissed them off, ran them out, that's ok hit a drought
Give me a week to figure it out

Send my resume to space, god I hope no one gets it
Cause I'm not qualified for nothing, and certainly not existence

Don't shoot the messenger but a problems what you got
Inject your body with your toxins till you rot
Watching television in the kitchen while you're sniffing up your drugs
And I imagine you're in love
I see a future where you can buy a house, settle down, maybe get yourself a job
I see a future where I'm still doing nothing
Greasy hair, perpetual slob