[Eagle Noise] 2

by [Eagle Noise]

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To at least one person, the most anticipated album of 2016 is here. Recorded over a span of 10 very unemployed days, and delayed for months following, the follow up to [Eagle Noise]'s very mediocre debut EP is finally here, for all six of you to listen to.

Look, I tried to make a concept album about Robots, Aliens and Communism, somewhere along the line I ended up writing about a stupid fucking chair. I don't even know what this album is supposed to be about anymore. Do you? Do you listen to this and say "Hey this guy very concretely knew what he was doing!"

No, you don't. Me either. But I guess that's the fun in this.

So, here's this thing me and some friends made and took way too long to put out.


"You gotta send me the lyrics" - My Dad
"This is my most anticipated album of 2016" - Eddie Caughey
"No, I haven't really listened to it" - Henry Caughey
"Is this album even real?" - At least two of my twitter followers
"Their music isn’t bad so much as it is thoroughly bland & lifeless to the extent it becomes criminal." - Teen Suicide, on Car Seat Headrest, but probably also applies to us here.

Thank you


released July 8, 2017

[Eagle Noise] is

Casey Simonson
Daniel Gumienny

Produced by Danny Gumm
Artwork by Eddie Caughey

Recorded at Someone Else's Bedroom Studio (also known as actually someone else's bedroom)
Mastered at Get Me Out Of Here Inc. (Which is actually Dan's old bedroom)

Special Thanks:
My parents
Christine (So, So much)
The Adios Mio Collective
Literally anyone that has ever liked one of my tweets about this fucking album
Kanye West

R.I.P. Phife Dawg



all rights reserved


[Eagle Noise] Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Fast Food Robot
Fast food robot you’re killing me here
My friends once well employed haven't eaten this year
Can you feel regret is there any remorse
For completely destroying the local workforce
Well without a doubt in scared of you
Fast food robot, it's true

Fast food robot, can we make amends
I was upset about those I loved but now they're all dead
I've learned so much about what you're programmed to believe
I'm just so lucky you've chosen to worship me
But without a doubt in scared of you
Fast food robot
It's true

Fast food robot, where did I go wrong
Is the absurdity I'm going for translating in this song
Fast food robot, I regret to inform
You were programmed to destroy what I was programmed to mourn

Fast food robot, Oh how you've evolved
You’ve only gotten smarter since planning our downfall
I'm glad that you are kind enough to keep me around
And I promise I will never ever try to get out
But without a doubt I worship you
Fast food robot, it's true
Track Name: Jesus Statue/Marx Statue
Father please forgive me
I've had trouble sleeping again
Your troubled children misguided
And rushing in

Father is nothing sacred
You know your truth has been compromised
Father there's nothing holy
Bout the tears in your eyes

I watched them all forgive you
I watched them all believe the lies
After a radical passing
They'll say anything to eulogize

Two of my heroes fallen
Is this the service they deserve
A comrade in Josef Stalin
You might think it absurd

If you don't think there's a problem you must not be informed.
My neighbor’s gone hungry for a few months
Will you be fighting or running when revolutions at your door
I won't assume but I have a hunch

Let's talk politics and wrestling
There's a reading I didn't know I'd need
Let's not look towards the future
If we're being honest, it looks pretty bleak

Let's write a song to make millions
Let's exploit gaps within the truth
I've got a friend who could help us
Convince millions without any proof

I'd like hold myself accountable
For the ledge on which our future dangles
You take aim, and it flies by
You're missing your Marx from all the wrong Engels
Track Name: Service
I saw a mountain
It was so easy to climb
But when I looked down at all I had left behind
I realized I had gotten far from home
I was worried bout my mother eating dinner alone

When I turned back I was so far from the peak
Hell I had barely made it uphill, so to speak
Is my world crashing down
Right in front of me?
Did I Really believe
I'd ever make it to the peak
I mean who told me I would make it there and back in a week

No cell service
You know how that goes
Give me a few weeks before I call home

I don't know why
I don't know why
I ever thought
I'd get to the top.
So I'm getting high
I'll get so high.
And I'll never stop
Until I've forgot

The pain of being Human
And the pains of being useless
See my worth has been predetermined
As I offer nothing of service

Christ I just cannot stand to feel empty
And Christ I just cannot stand to feel hated
Christ I just cannot to feel stupid
Christ I just cannot stand to feel useless
Track Name: Stars
It's gonna take a long long time
Till touchdown brings me round again to find
I am a man without a home, broken views and empty soul

I ran foot out the backdoor
You stand, guns drawn and sun worn
I write in sand we come in peace

We come in peace

It's gonna take a long long time
Till we can find the dotted line
I am an object in your home
To be misused and controlled

You cut straight at the temple
But you know it's not so simple
You've been blinded by a holy light

But it's never easy
But it never seems to work
Everybody gets too hurt

One day when you're older I'll explain
and I'll feel sorry
That you'll learn from me this way so half-hearted
You were a threat to society
You were a threat to yourself
You were a threat to prosperity
and everything else

When you dream, do you dream of all the stars that you're made of?
Cause I see
Traces of the universe in your body
And I think to myself
When it all starts to melt
And once our bodies re-align...

(Do you think we were born of the same stars?)
Track Name: Rain Delay
It's so easy
To feel completely
Out of tune with yourself
Track Name: Nearly Dead Friends
I was in the car when you cracked your head
Worried I'd have to my list of dead
I'd like to keep it empty
We had caught you laughing through bloodied sheets
You were straining just to talk gritting through your teeth
And you swore you'd be fine
But right then you had a moment of lucidity
And realized your sudden fragility
And you began to weep
Said your father can't separate his working life
You've been overworked and underprivileged and you'd rather die
Than keep up this charade
We all fell to stunned silence behind the wheel
And while I wasn't certain that your head would heal.
Your heart, that's a different case
When I saw a smile strike in the waiting room
When I hear another joke you saw your whole life bloom
I knew, this wouldn't be easy for you
But once they put the staples straight through your skull
It seemed like your reality had returned to dull
And I would not forgive myself

Back at my home with a broken chair
Following several hours of a loaded stare
I heard that had felt lost too
Caught up and abandoned by your brotherhood
You were led to believe you'd be understood
And yet no one seemed to listen
You were worried bout the kid, bout the lies he spread
You were worried what it meant to all of your dead
You admitted that you wished you were one of them
Set out to viking burial, so you commenced
To try to take out your own life
And when you walked those seven miles back to my home
I cannot help but wonder when you became alone
And worse, when you finally realized it

I received a call when I woke up
It was news I didn’t wanna hear so I choked up
And I said I’d relay the news
It had been going since the summer that you got hooked
When they caught you fudging hours in the record books
And you came up with some excuse
It was the fourth time that semester that your life was spared
After the first or maybe second you said you’d never care
That this could be your sweet release
You called your sister crying as you licked your lips
The doctor said your spit was sour with arsenic
And I blamed it all on me
When we finally got you out you slept on the floor
Made you listen to the records that we both adored
To try and catch your ear
But you were getting sick the stalest thoughts
That were clogging up your brainwaves in ugly clots
I kept you close, truly out of fear
That you wouldn’t stay right here

I was busy losing my head
While I was driving into tomorrow
By myself
Color by the numbers
I’ve been such a bummer
I’ve been busy sticking to myself
It ain’t so easy to recover
From your friends and lovers
When they are happy when I’m by myself
I see a common denomination
It’s not complicated
I think I’m better by myself
No it’s a simple equation
It’s not complicated
They’re all better off when I’m by myself
So I guess that I am the issue in the end
S I guess that I’m the problem, I guess it’s all my fault
Why I’ve got so many nearly dead friends
Track Name: Luxury
You might believe
In luxury
I've been trying to see
What's left of me

You can't consume
All your told to
You've been bloating up
In your expanding gut
I guess it's true
When the cash runs out they abandon you
It was easy to assume
When I could stay well groomed

We've been doomed
The last of our kind will have tragedy come soon
We've misused
What little we were entitled to

You can take all that you need
And I don't need much
No, not me
A mistake for ever trying to believe
Anything came free
But not for me
I can taste all of your rotting teeth
Oh you do so much to deceive
Not for me, not for me
Track Name: (Birthday's) Eve
If there is one lesson I learned this year
It's to tune out the intervening thoughts
That disrupt the connection that creates introspection
A feeling I've lost but not forgot

My friends are all scared of the future
And I'm sitting scared of myself
They'll teach you about death and taxes
But they don't teach about anything else

If there is one lesson I learned this year
It's that I'm awful at summing things up
And creating some meaning from moments of being
More than just a two buck chump

I am awful at getting acquainted
But even worse at getting in close
I'd rather nobody know me better than me
So you can come within arms length at most

It's beautiful when you get to know someone
Just as well as yourself
It's beautiful when you get to know someone
Unlike anyone else
It's beautiful when you get to know someone
In sickness and in health
It's beautiful when you get to know someone
You hate more than yourself
Track Name: Breathe Easy
I've been scared to leave my house
For the past couple weeks
From watching the TV

I don't think
Your kisses can heal mother earth
Even if in the moment I believe

When the collapse comes will you kiss me like you used to?
Cause I've seen the way they can be and I know what they'll do.

I'm sick
Just a little bit
And I'm scared of what comes next

When your fellow man is waiting just to knock you out
I am weak again
I would rather go without

When the collapse will you caress me like you used to?
Cause I've the seen the way they can be and I know what they'll do

And I'm not gonna breathe easy
And I'm gonna give up completely

It's just the way that they talk
It's just the way that they are
It's just the way that they'll always be